February 8, 2012

24 Hour Flu ... head cold .... tulips

These three things are all on my mind today! Last week I was plagued with a nasty case of the 24 hour flu. Lucky for me I have an AMAZING husband who stayed up with me all night and stayed home during the day bringing me sickness essentials, Saltines, Water, Gatorade and Vernors with straws and a lid interchangeably throughout my napping and TV watching. It took me two days to get back to normal, losing almost 24 hours of sleep while 8 months pregnant will mess up your schedule.

This week I have been plagued with a severe head cold. Orange Juice, chicken broth and water are the items of choice this time around. Straws for the OJ and a mug and spoon for the broth. I slept wonderfully last night after taking some Nyquil which my doctor says is okay to take at this point in my pregnancy! My sinus flush has become my best friend and I plan to take another nap this afternoon before heading to church.

The tulips are on my mind because we have been blessed with some crazy warm weather this January. My crocus' and tulips are both coming up and Sunday I went for a walk outside with NO COAT on. Last night it snowed about a half an inch and it is colder today but it has been nice to have the sunshine out to lift my spirits during this nasty cold.

We are still writing for baby to come, I'd be happy if he stayed in a bit longer until I have totally kicked this cold. My mom comes down this Friday and is planning to stay until baby comes, which will be nice.

We hope to finish the nursery artwork this week, so we will post pictures of that soon!

In other news, our dear friends Rachel and Jeffrey announced last week that they are expecting a little one in august! We are SO excited to have friends our age joining us on this journey! And our babies will be U of M and Detroit Tigers fans together and may even attend kindergarten at the same school together in 2017!

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kels said...

it's getting clooooooser!!!! :) i wish i could've come over last night, but it was probably best for both of us sickys... and i had the flue i think, so you definitely do NOT want that right now. :)