December 1, 2011

Baby Update :: 29 weeks

Here is a bump picture from 28 weeks. I haven't grown much since this picture was taken and I don't really love having my picture taken right now so this is probably as good as you will get for awhile.

We have been enjoying readying the house for CHristmas and baby! Most days the mailman drops a package by for the baby and we have fun opening it and putting it together. A few weeks ago he brought me my diaper bag, pictured here, and I love it.

Soon he will be bringing me the diapers we ordered on black Friday!

The babies room is coming together nicely. We are patiently awaiting the delivery of our crib and then we will be 100% ready for baby.

We had a doctors visit last week. It went veyr well. Baby weighs 2.4 lbs and will likely triple in weight before it is born. We were able to hear the heartbeat and see the baby moving around on the screen. We also found out that we are having....

We are so excited to begin our parenting adventure with a little boy! Now let the name picking begin!

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