November 30, 2011

Our church family is THE best!

A few weekends ago our church family came together and threw us an amazing baby shower. My dear friend, Gina, grabbed a few of our other friends and they all worked together and pulled together a fabulous party which left us feeling extremely blessed.
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It was so nice to have our church family surrounding us and showering us with gifts that prepare us to bring home our "little monkey".

The food was absolutely delicious.
I envy Gina and her ability to take the simplest of treats and make them taste and look fabulous. Here is the spread for the day. My favorite were the pimento cheese sandwiches! YUM!

Here are the lovely hostesses and two of my best friends here in Lafayette, Gina and Becky.

Jennifer and her mom Ginni drove all the way down from Chicago to be here. It was so nice to have them with us even if it was a short visit :(

Philip's favorite gift - Star Wars books from Cole!

My favorite gifts were probably the 2 containers of Oxy Clean I got! Yay! But this gift won for "best wrapped"! Props to Rachel!

Again, we were so blessed to have this time with our church family and we can't wait to bring our little one in to this community! I will say, there was some serious Purdue gear lacking at the shower. UofM hailed again!

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kels said...

it still makes me cry knowing i couldn't go. :( but i'm so glad it was wonderful for you!