June 21, 2011

We're Back!

As many of you know Phil and I spent the past 12 days in Europe. It was fabulous. I have hundreds of pictures loaded, edited and ready to share and several stories about our visit. I am going to try and update as quickly as I can but I know that I won't get all the posts done in a day.

We are adjusting slowly back to reality. We had an unplanned overnight stay in Ireland that sucked away our vacation day from our vacation so we were both forced to step in to reality right away. I slept for 12 hours on Sunday night and tried to do some work in the afternoon and then was in bed again by 8:30 last night. Today it has been hard to get back in to a routine but I am trying. I made a huge to-do list which helps.

Our garden is out of control. Everything shot up while we were gone. We have some pruning to do and we need to pull the spinach and lettuce plants as they are done for the summer. I hate to see all that waste but what are you going to do. At this point they are too bitter to be eaten. We enjoyed our first carrots and broccoli from the garden last night. I can't wait to have more broccoli! It was so good. I think next year we are going to plant a few more broccoli plants. Our tomato plants are huge. They all need to be pruned back or we are going to have a problem.

My family comes in two weeks to visit so we are getting our "honey do" list ready for Grandpa. On the agenda is repaint the ceiling in the guest room and hang a clothes line in the basement.

I will leave you with my absolute favorite picture of our trip:

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