January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will mark the beginning of the year 2011. Looking back I can't believe how time has flown by and stood still all at the same time. 11 years ago we were awaiting "the end of the world" with Y2K. I remember sort of being excited that the computer world would go bazurk and we would be stuck in Florida for another week or maybe even a month. But alas, the clock struck midnight and we entered the year 2000 just as seamlessly as we had entered all the years before.

It doesn't seem like 11 years ago was that long ago but it was. So much has happened since I was in the 11th grade. I flew on an airplane for the first time, vacationed in Banff British Columbia with my best friend and her family, got a car (Chevy S-10), went to college, got another car, traveled the country with the Rochester College Acapella Chorus, met Phil, had a tree fall on my car, made friends, lost friends, got engaged, got married, moved to Indiana, bought a house, made friends, taught a Bible class, got in a car accident, watched my best friend get married, tore down a wall in our home, traveled to Washington D.C, California, Atlanta, Florida, South Carolina and Colorado, was promoted.....the list could go on.

It is truly amazing all that can take place in 10 years. It is amazing the memories that stick in my mind, and the ones that don't. Yesterday I had to use Facebook to find the pictures for my "2010 in Pictures" post....10 years ago Facebook didn't exist and I would have had a hard time coming up with a picture or an activity, from memory, for each month of the past year.

Technology, good or bad, helps us collect our thoughts and memories for generations to come. I hope that one day my kids can read this blog and know a little bit more about me. I think of the incredible blessing that my dear friend Veronica's blog is going to be to her kids, Faith, Caleb and Carter as they journey through life without their father. They will know the incredibly funny, caring, Godly man that he was through his blog posts, facebook notes, pictures and wall posts.

My 2011 resolution is to enjoy life, be real, and reflect on the blessings that God has given me. I don't spend nearly enough time reflecting on the things that matter in life. It isn't just about the memories made, milestones reached or pictures taken and uploaded to Facebook. Life is so much more than that. We have an incredible opportunity to take time daily to reflect on how the things we experience shape us and help us grow in our walk as Christian men and women. So it is my goal this year to be more reflective, thankful and genuine.

I will begin by taking part in a journaling exercise outlined here by my "bloggy friend" Tsh at Simple Mom.

Happy reflecting!

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