December 7, 2010

Presents vs. Presense

This morning while driving home from an interview I conducted at Harrison High School I was listening to my favorite radio station, K-Love. The morning show hosts, Lisa and Eric, were interviewing Christian recording artist, Sara Groves. They started talking about Advent something that isn't often spoken about on K-Love. It was clear that one of the hosts, Lisa, wasn't familiar with the tradition of advent. She began asking Sara questions and Sara shared several of the traditions that her and her family take part in during advent.

Sara is on the road right now for her Christmas Tour so she is not able to participate in this years advent tradition with her two boys. She shared on the radio part of a letter that she wrote for them to read during their devotional time for advent. I love it and I wanted to share it with all my blog friends. It went something like this:

"This Christmas you are both going to be more excited about the presents that Santa brings you but I want you to know that none of the excitement or joy that the toys can bring you will come close to comparing to the incredible gift that we have in Jesus Christ. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the presents he gives you forever."

SO TRUE! We have an incredible opportunity to experience unending joy and excitement as we walk through this life with Jesus Christ! It isn't the earthly present that matters it is the presence of Jesus in our lives that is most important. God gave us a wonderful gift that lasts for eternity. Let us not let that message get lost this Christmas season.


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