November 22, 2010

Thankful November

I hijacked a challenge that my friend Kate was using on her Facebook. The challenge is that for the month of November only post status updates that list things that you are thankful for. At first I though, this will be simple. I have so many things to be thankful for I will easily be able to put one up each day. I was wrong.

It wasn't the lack of blessings and thanksgivings in my life that was the problem. It was more the nature of Facebook. While Facebook is a place for people to keep in touch it is more commonly used as a place to share your emotions, thoughts and feelings about everyday occurrences. There were several times throughout this month that I had the strong desire to share the emotion that I am experiencing at that moment and sometimes it wasn't thankfulness. Throughout the month of November I experienced a more than frustrating work moment, a death of a dear friend, and an emotional family visit home. Each of these emotions were obstacles getting in the way of my thankful spirit.

This exercise has been good for me. It has challenged me to think more positively and to think twice before I put something up for the entire world to see. This exercise has taught me that in the midst of frustration, anger, confusion, heartbreak and sorrow it is still important to give adoration and thanks to the Lord. I had been needing this attitude adjustment for awhile and I think "Thankful November" was just the cure! I learned through this exercise that I can be heartbroken, sad, angry, frustrated, confused, elated, happy, grateful, loved and many other emotions all while being thankful to our Lord for the many blessings and experiences he provides me with!

Without further or do, here are the things I am thankful for in 2010!

Katy Travis is....

- thankful for the month of November and visiting family almost every weekend!
- thankful for the first snow of the winter!
- thankful for her cousin Taylor Flynn and her awesome swimming abilities!
- thankful for a family you can cry with, pray with and laugh with!
- thankful for a husband who makes dinner for me and helps with the dishes :)
- thankful for the comfort she has in Jesus and for the prayers going up for us and our dear friends!
- thankful for the four years she spent at Rochester College. It is times like these when we realize what an incredible blessing it is to be a part of a Christian community!
- thankful the opportunity to make a family memory today. Heading to the University of Michigan vs. Purdue game with my entire family!
- thankful for a God who grieves with us and hurts with us when tragedy strikes. Still praying!
- thankful for the time Phil and I get to spend with the Pitt family! Tonight we read 6 books, put together 5 puzzles and enjoyed a delicious meal of pork and mashed potatoes!
- thankful for her crockpot and simple recipes for delicious potato soup!
- thankful for dinner plans tomorrow with her friend and "sister-in-law" Kelsey Sutherlin!
- thankful for early morning bakery trips with Lynae Stafford!
- thankful for triple dates with Phil Travis, Gail Evans Ruhl and Joe, and Patrick Ruhl and Jen Jones!
- thankful for the Christian family we have found at Elmwood Church of Christ!

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danae said...

thanks for sharing this. i love your insight about why it was difficult to do this exercise. and i'm so glad that it was a timely exercise that God used to grow you and comfort you through such a difficult month. oh, and we're thankful for YOU!