August 2, 2010

It's Wedding Season: Elizabeth and Ben

On Saturday July 24th, Phil and I headed out with our dear friends Jen and Patrick to Kokomo, Indiana for the wedding of two of our students, Elizabeth and Ben. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The church has floor to ceiling windows that made you feel as if the wedding was outside. If I attended this church on a regular basis I may have a hard time concentrating on the sermon. Elizabeth chose green and yellow as her colors and it made it very summer like! They participated in the sand ceremony which was really neat to see. Yellow sand for Ben's family, Green Sand for Elizabeth's family and White sand to remind them that God should be always present in their lives. It will be a neat reminder for them of their wedding day.

We sat with Jen and Patrick, Jeremy and Patrick's parents are the reception. We had a blast catching up with one another, telling jokes and clanking the plastic pitcher together to make enough noise so that B & E would have to kiss.

Here are a few pictures from the night:

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