June 23, 2010

A Trip to Holland

This weekend we took a trip to Phil's hometown: Holland, Michigan. We were there to celebrate the graduation of his twin younger siblings: Emily and Evan.

It was a short visit just Sunday to Monday but we always try to make the best of our time in one of our favorite places to visit. Sunday we mingled with cousins, grandparents and aunts that we hadn't seen since Thanksgiving/Christmas at the graduation party. Then we went back to Scott and Jill's to celebrate Father's Day and Jill's birthday. We had pizza and just caught up with Phil's siblings.

After dinner we headed out to our favorite place in Holland.

It is there that we enjoy watching the sunset.

Pure Michigan ad anyone?

We look so happy here! I love how the sun is shining on our faces.

Monday morning we woke up and headed downtown with Alex, Phil's youngest sibling. We got coffee at our favorite shop: JP's. Then wandered around to the various stores.

Our last stop the Peanut Shop - An old fashioned Candy Store.

I will leave you with this beautiful picture my wonderful husband took. I love it!

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