June 4, 2010

Summer Days

We are really enjoying this summer weather. Our new open floor plan really helps the air circulate. Which helps us not turn on the A/C. Which keeps our costs down! It has been cooling down in the evening which is really nice!

This weekend we spent time at a friends lakehouse with several of our students. It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend to be out on the water. The sun was hot and the water was warm. I am pretty sure that I am the tannest I have ever been.

Recently my gym, cityfit, was bought out by another larger gym in our area, Newtone. They decided that they didn't make enough money to cover the rent on the building it was in and the landlords wouldn't budge so they closed Cityfit and transfered our memberships to Newtone. It is about 5 minutes farther from my house but they have classes and a pool! I am taking a class called Body Vive and I love it. I am trying to go at least 3 times a week! I am excited to get back in the pool as well!

So far the summer is going really well!

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