June 16, 2010

Our Garden :: 2010

This year we have 2 gardens. One in our backyard with things we will eat more frequently and one at the Purdue Community Extension Garden. We decided to pay $20 to try out a "for real" garden before taking up some of our grass in our yard. Here is a picture of our first green bean sprout. We have green beans, sugar snap peas, carrots, onions and cauliflower planted at the plot.

Here at home we planted green peppers, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, big boy tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, blackberries and rhubarb. YUM!

I have plans on Saturday to make a pie for my father in law out of this rhubarb for fathers day.

This is the home of the Travis' 2011 garde. We will be taking out the grass and tilling the soil in a 15 x 20 plot here on the side of the house. It gets full sun all day long! It will be a bit costly initially but the money we will save on buying food will be worth it!

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