April 16, 2010

Youth Rally

This past weekend Phil and I joined our Youth Group on a trip to the Refresh Youth Rally in Salem Indiana. The rally was hosted by our dear friend Steve Corp! As campus ministers we feel it is vitally important to not only build relationships with our current youth group students but also fosters relationships with students who may be attending Purdue in the future. Alot of our students are local and so our plan is to visit several churches nearby for youth rallys or just Sunday morning class throughout the summer to meet students and let them know that if God leads them to Purdue that they have a church family waiting for them!

This rally had 2 purposes though. We were excited to hang out with our youth and set up our CSC table but we were even more excited to spend time with our old RC buddies in Deeper Still and teir wives! It was so nice to catch up with the old gang and spend some quality time reiminesing and talking about current happenings in all our lives. The best was we were able to meet William Shields for the first time and he is ADORABLE!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend:

Holly and I - Friend from RC :)

Danae and I enjoyed late conversations into the wee hours
of the night @ our fabulous host home! So glad to have
Danae here with us at Elmwood! She is one of the few
people my age who isn't in grad/phd school and therefore
won't leave me in a few years!

Madi and Rachel act out motions to Days of Elijah on stage
with Deeper Still :)

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Vee said...

It was great to see you over the weekend! I'm sorry I was sick and anti-social, I wish we had had more time to visit!