April 5, 2010

A little Vent

A few letters to our lovely neighbors:

1. Phil and I do not have a dog for a few reasons one of which is that we do not want to clean up dog poop out of our yard. It is wonderful that our neighbors take their dogs on walks but if your dog poops in my yard clean it up immediately!

2. I am sorry that you chose to buy a house on 9th street and agree that it is a very busy road and you should not walk your dog on it however that does not give you permission to walk from your backyard through my backyard into my front yard with your dog!

3. Please invest in a $10 bottle of weed killer so that your violets and dandelions can stop infesting my yard!

4. It is so great that all of you get along so well but please walk the half a block to eachothers homes if you wish to carry on a conversation. It is ridiculous for you to yell at one another from several houses away about everyday things!

--The End!

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