April 18, 2010

Church Pew

I have always wanted a church pew for my house. I just love them. One of my requirments and the main reason we searched for a church other than the one we attended for our wedding was church pews. I needed that for my wedding. I needed the church feel that I grew up with. Long, stiff, uncomfortable church pews. They are elegant and beautiful with their curved seats and the dark wood!

I found a BEAUTIFUL church pew on craigs list that I wanted to purchase for our living room but I worried over it too long before making the call to purchase and it was already sold. I was sad. Certain I would never find another church pew like it. I decided that I would tell everyone I knew that I was looking for one and take suggestions for antique stores to look at.

One afternoon I was out takling to my neighbor, Jack Baker. He is an older fellow and loves to chat about the coming and going of our little neighborhood. We started chatting about parks and I mentioned our love for Happy Hollow. He asked if we had ever been to Turkey Run (in southern IN) and this conversation eventually led us to antiques and thus my church pew hunt!
I ended our conversation a few minutes later and headed back in to work. That evening Phil and I were out inspecting our "lovely" patch of violets and Jack walked over to inform us that he had a church pew he wanted to give us. I was certain I wasn't going to love it but to humor him we walked over to his house to take a look. This is where I experienced love at first site! I LOVE this new church pew. It could be the fact that was FREE but I choose to believe that it was meant to be in my house! Its perfect red shade matches our color pallette. It has elegant distinct curves on the arms and it is perfect for 2 people and a few fun pillows!

So ....here is our....newest addition to the home...

Now I am on the hunt for baskets to go under it and fun pillows :)

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