February 1, 2010

Construction and Life Group!

We are embarking on a first for the Travis Household. Demo and Construction! Phil is excited for the demo part and the fact that he gets a new tool. I am excited for the finished product. The sunshine in my kitchen and being able to see the people I am entertaining! We are knocking down half of the wall seen here dividing the kitchen and the living room. I think it will make our house seem so much bigger! Stay tuned for updates as we venture into the world of construction!

Last night we hosted out lifegroup at our house. Our life group has grown in the past few weeks! It is great that we have so many people wanting to be a part of our fun, food and fellowship! Craig and Jim do a great job leading and our members feel welcome and are able to invite friends to join in the fun.

Last night we had 25 people in attendance with 12 of them being under the age of 10! (I think the oldest is 10). We had a wonderful Brinner with hashbrowns, bacon, casseroles, pancakes, and LOTS of juice and coffee! Then we watched the How Great is Our God video by Lou Giglio! It was fantastic. Angela kept the kiddos upstairs to make Valentines Cards for the elderly at our church. Here are some fun pictures:

Craft Time :) Lots of Glitter, Pink, Red, Purple and Hearts :)
Here is what 25 people worth shoes looks like....

Brinner :)

Super Cute Kiddos! It is hard to get them all to sit still long enough and get a decent shot. We are missing Ramsey... he is only 4 months old though and he didn't want to get his picture taken!

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