February 1, 2010

28 days organizing

I follow a lot of blogs. Mostly about frugal living, organization, and home renovation. My blogging friend over at Org Junkie is hosting a 28 day challenge starting today and going through the end of February. I was going to try and tackle the basement storage area/laundry area but with our new construction project I decided to go for something smaller that continues to be a struggle. The Craft Closet or CATCH ALL CRAP CLOSET.

When we first moved here this was my favorite closet in my favorite room, my office. Now that my office has moved from my retreat and scrapbooking station to my actual home office where I spend 80% of my time everyday the closet has gotten unorganized. I shove things in it and hope the door will close. Things I don't want to get rid of, things that have no other home, and things that I am too lazy to take downstairs. I really want this closet to hold my craft things that can't be out on my desk while I am working from home. I received a wonderful wrapping paper organizer that will eventually go in here with my wrapping paper. I am thinking about doing something fun on the back wall. You will have to keep up with my progress throughout the month of February and see how it turns out in the end!

If you want to join me in organizing and small or large space in your home click HERE to learn more.

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