January 26, 2010

Book Obssession

I have a book problem. I married someone with a book problem. That makes for a really big book problem. My books are categorized - Display Books, Nicholas Sparks Books, Christian Books, Young Adult Books, etc. My husbands books are by series and are all science fiction. (His Christian books all go to work with him). For a long time I made him keep his books upstairs on a shelf in my office because they weren't "pretty" enough to be displayed. This made him sad. Now that we are getting a new couch and had to move our ladder style bookshelf it is not a focal point in the room. It sits over right next to his desk. I decided that he could put his books down there. I felt surprisingly good about this decision. They don't look that bad over in the corner on the ladder shelves. I felt even better about the decision when I realized that meant I could bring all my young adult books out of their boxes and onto a shelf! I give you my new bookshelf in my office :)

It makes me very happy :) Here is my new organized desk area as well.

Stay tuned for posts on some of my favorite books from those books throughout the month of February!

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