November 2, 2009

Very Fun Very Busy Weekend

We have been going non-stop since Friday. Friday afternoon Rachel and I baked 6 dozen cupcakes and made colored frosting for the K-5 Service Project night at church. We did get to cuddle with Baby Beau in between batter mixing and tin filling. After Beau was picked up, Phil and I headed over to the Christian Student Center for their Halloween Party! We had 25 students show up. It was a great party! Rebecca and Elizabeth planned a scavenger hunt and had pumpkins for us to paint. There were also several delicious treats!

After the party, Phil headed out to the garage to paint cardboard boxes to look like the outside of an ambulance for the CSC trunk or treat car and I popped 6 batches of popcorn with the Whirley Pop! We finally got to bed at 1am.

Kelsey and I headed to the gym at 9am on Saturday. I was not a fan of this when my alarm went off at 8:40 but I felt really great afterwards and had a lot of energy to tackle the day! I am contemplating quiting the gym and buying an elliptical machine. I have found a few that I really like under $1000. I would then use the gym membership money towards piano lessons for myself! I need a creative outlet again!

Angela, Rachel, Vicki and I went to the church at 11:30 to set up for our 2nd annual Trunk or Treat. The theme this year was Board Games. We had 76 community members join us. It was a wonderful time of outreach to our community. I am so glad that the weather cleared up for us! Here are a few pictures:
Mindy and her Hungry Hungry Hippos Car

The Students and their Operation Car

Our life group (Vaughts and Asbills) as Twister

Jamie as the Ace of Hearts

The Boyds and their Chess themed car

Saturday everning I was missing my family a lot. This is only the 2nd time that i haven't spend Halloween with my family. Last year Phil and I were able to drive home and join them for the festivities. We have a bonfire in the driveway and a Chili contest with our neighbors. My neighborhood back home is my favorite place and on halloween it is even more fun. My sister decorates the house and goes all out for this holiday. At times her need for tradition can be frustrating but today I was reminded how much fun she makes the parties. I am getting teary just thinking about it. Our evening wasn't a complete flop though. The Martins had us over to their house for a party. We had lots of yummy food and were able to hand out candy to a few trick or treaters while playing Cranium! It wasn't dark until about 7:30pm which was weird for halloween. Usually daylight savings time falls before the holiday but this year it didn't. Trick or Treating when it is light out is just strange. We have ALOT of candy leftover. Phil took it over to the CSC for the students to enjoy because we do not need it around here!

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kels said...

aww, i'll be sad if you quit the gym. but i understand!