October 29, 2009

The Best Time of Year

Fall in Indiana hasn't been as wonderful as I had hoped it would be! Lots of cold (44 degrees), rainy and gloomy days. Last Tuesday however we had a taste of real fall. It was short but fabulous nonetheless! Phil and I took advantage of the 70 degree weather and headed over to our favorite park, Happy Hollow. We picked up Jimmy Johns Subs on the way and had a picnic under the canopy of colors. I love the changing of leaves! Here are a few pictures that we took that day!

This weekend I was able to take a trip back to Michigan! Driving through Indiana into Michigan this time of year is simply breaktaking! I love the drive from Lafayette to Fort Wayne and the drive around Ann Arbor Michigan! Lots of colors!
Saturday my family drove up to Rochester to eat at Red Knapps. Afterwards we drove around the northern part of Rochester looking at the pretty colors! Here are some great pictures I was able to snap.

Here is a quick picture of one of my favorite stores back home. Ninos! I was able to find a 5 lb. bag of sticky rice for Gina's birthday!

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