March 7, 2009

2 Part Time Jobs

Currently I am working 2 part time jobs. It makes things a little more hectic than I would prefer. Mondays and Wednesday I work 8 hour days from home for the Drug Free Coalition of Tippecanoe County. Occasionally venturing out to a meeting here and there but usually sitting in front of my PC (really need to get a laptop). My job title is Outreach Coordinator.....basically create a presnse for the Coalition in the community through press releases, marketing campaigns, social marketing, meetings with various other organizations and schools and planning events. The current event is a Town Hall on Prescription Drug Abuse. I have been working in Substance Abuse Awareness since before graduating college. I really enjoy it. It is challenging at times. Since working with coalitions my opinion of drinking has it really against the bible to drink, do I care, do I prefer just not to do it but don't care if my friends/family do? etc. Coming to Indiana and working in a college town (Rochester was a college town also but Oakland University preferred to have nothing to do with the coalition there). Purdue is a huge part of our work at the coalition here in Tippecanoe. We work directly with the Dean of Students Office and the Student Wellness Center. There are some really great ladies that work there who have a real passion for safe alcohol use and combating the drug abuse problems on campus. However it is difficult for me sometimes to take my personal feelings and opinions out of the case and advocate safe drinking rather than not drinking at all since we are mostly dealing with college students of the age to drink. All in all though I enjoy working for non-profit and I can see myself developing a career in Substance Abuse Prevention or Health Promotion (as Purdue calls it).

The other job is a more recent occurrence and everything about it is new to me. I am not technologically savvy (that is what I have Phil for) however I now work for Roeing Corporation your technology solutions provider! Only 5 days on the job and I have the slogan down! My job title is Marketing Specialist. Currently the job involves and awful lot of reading about computer terminology and Microsoft products. Microsoft has a whole other world for people who partner with them. My desk at work is covered with post its of websites for Microsoft, my log in to get on them and what their purpose is. It is quite confusing! I am also starting to learn more about the corporation and the different products and services we provide our customers. This week I created powerpoint and email templates for an athletic scheduling product we have. It was really fun to use my creative side in my work, something that I don't get to do often in the prevention world though I hope to start incorporating more. In prevention its about facts here its about creativity and sales!

It is a nice balance I suppose and it pays the bills! Phil and I have challenged ourselves this year to pay off my car and start working on his student loan bills. We tossed around the idea of joining a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University at a local church but it wasn't going to work with our schedule. We were able to download some things offline and have started the budgeting process. Wish us luck!


Kari said...

i've not met many people here who don't drink.
lots of "closet drinkers" in the Bible belt, however. Because no one can find any evidence of alcohol consumption being "wrong" per se, but since everyone judges so harshly no one wants anyone else to find out.
it's annoying.
and dangerous.

i don't drink, and never have. i remember deciding i wasn't going to drink when i was in high school and learned specifically what alcohol does to your body in both large and small doses. then people i knew personally were dead from drunk drivers. i pretty much decided that no occasion, for me, will ever be "special" enough to break the fast. so i'm pretty sure that i will never drink.

i try to not judge people who do. unless they drive. or are underage. i am very against both of those.

Christian Student Center said...

Thanks for the insight Kari! I appreciate it!

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

This has definitely been a struggle between Nathan and I. Like Kari, I am very much against under age drinking, driving drunk or purposely getting drunk.

But, having *a* drink - or being responsible enough to stay within your own sober limit (that's NO MORE than 2 for me)........I don't think that's wrong. Nathan very much disagrees.'s been weird and tough. At this point, I simply don't bring alcohol into the house and wouldn't drink around him. But, is that even bad as he's my husband and the head of the house. Tough questions. And no - the bible isn't 100 clear.

So the debate rages on!