February 24, 2009


I am back from Florida. I had a really great trip. The drive down there was not fun at all but after that everything went smooth. I really enjoyed seeing my parents and grandparents and on Sunday my Aunt and Uncle from Weberville Michigan came over for a visit, my Aunt and Uncle from Clearwater, Fl came over and my Aunt from back home was visiting in Sarasota so she came over to see me also. It was a little Flynn Family reunion in Florida. I also go to see my cousin Melissa whom I haven't seen in over 2 years. It was very nice to catch up with everyone and relax in the sun.

Some of you might not know but the main reason for this trip was for me to see my grandpa. 3 weeks ago my grandma took him to the emergency room with shortness of breath and chest pain. Immediately the doctors ran some tests and scheduled a sextuple bypass surgery for the next morning. My mom who was supposed to be coming to visit me for the long weekend hoped on the next flight out of Detroit down there to be with him. Needless to say it was an extremely emotional weekend for me. My grandpa is very healthy and active... not many 76 year olds still play softball 3 days a week. Anyways it was quite a shock. He is doing REALLY REALLY well. It was great to see him so far along in his recovery!

We are off traveling again tomorrow. We leave for a short trip to Nashville to have a previsit with the Center for Student Missions. We are taking a group of Purdue Students there at the end of March and they wanted us to come down for a pre visit and tour the facilities we will be working at during our mission trip. I am excited because Nashville is fun but also because we are staying with our dear friends the Sandellas. It will be so great to see John, Jeanne and the kids again. Its been about 3 years. We are also having dinner with the Heils! It will be a little RC reunion in Nashville. I am hoping to hit up the San Antonio Taco Co. while there also as Kara says its the best!

I have some fun pictures and a tour of Venice Florida to post upon my return!


Jessie's Girls said...

Say Hi to the Sandellas for me!

missbuss said...

Satco is the best. Get some cheese dip...yumo. Oh, and have them take you to Bread and Co while you're down there and maybe Pancake Pantry if you haven't been. I think you would really love Bread and Co.

kels said...

yeahhhh NAshville!! SATCo is definitely delish. and I agree with cbuss, you'd like Bread and Co.

Katy and Phil said...

Holly, I will tell them hello for you! We are only there for 2 days.. haha! I am not sure we can eat at all those places but I have heard great things about Pancake Pantry! Thanks for the advice girls! Hand and Foot Day soon??