October 3, 2008

Back Online!

We finally have Comcast internet! I will spare you all the details of our experience with them! Oy! That is all I have to say. Not the best customer service. However, Mona the Regional Manager Phil spoke with will be taking money off our bill for the install. Last night we celebrated our new cable by eating dinner in front of the TV! Ask Phil…. That is a big no no in our house! We were pretty bummed when we found out that the Office was not on due to the silly VP debate. I never got why the debate needed to be on every channel. Do that many people have the split screen option so that they can watch it air on ABC and NBC!

We have been really busy every weekend since moving here and seems the next 2 weekends will be just as busy!

Last weekend I felt like such a homemaker! On Friday we had one of the grad students over for a homecooked meal and then watched a movie. Saturday we ran errands and went and bought our bikes! Sunday I baked 3 dozen cookies to take to Sunday Night Supper at the CSC (where Phil works on campus) and got out all our Halloween/Fall decorations! Our house looks very festive. My goal this weekend is to go by a nice Fall themed welcome mat and carve our fake pumpkin for the porch.

Anyways, I promise more updates! I miss my family in Michigan a LOT, I miss my friends and I miss fall… fall here isn’t the same! (I may dedicate a whole post to this at a later date). Also stay tuned for why Lafayette is the smelly city in the world! It will be very entertaining!

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kels said...

Just wait... it will be more fall-like soon... PROMISE!!

I was bummed about The Office last night too!! Are they just gonna wait until next week or did they play the episode late last night? Do you know?

Lafayette doesn't smell THAT bad... just that one spot over by campus. :) In a few years, you'll get used to it and not even notice it! haha :D