June 9, 2008

Sweet and Innocent Kids

Last night driving home from babysitting I began to get extremely emotional. Some if it could have had to do with the very hot, and stormy LONG weekend I had and therefore I was really tired. Anyways, I have done very well with my emotions thus far surrounding my big move in August. I haven't cried or been sad only excited. Last night though it just hit me that I will not be babysitting for these families anymore. It is always sad and emotional when you spend time around kids and then have to leave them. The year I left Gateway Daycare where I had worked for 4 years was really difficult. I cried a lot the day they told us they were closing the Royal Oak Building and moving us to Clawson because I knew some of our families would leave. I had a class of 18 2 year olds that i had spend everyday with from 1 - 6pm for the past year and a half, I pottied trained them, tied their shoes, dried their tears, laughed with and at them, and taught them sign language. The attachment you can have with kids is amazing.

Leaving the families I babysit for will be extremely hard. I will try my hardest to stay in contact and come back and visit but I know I will be replaced by another babysitter.

This morning though I received a phone call that made things seem a lot better.

In 2002 my friend and her family moved from the house behind me 6 hours away to Illinois. It was a hard time and a great adjustment. A few days later a new family moved in. Thye didn't have any kids, only a little black puppy and for a month or so I held a grudge against them for coming in and taking over my best friends house and my memories. A few years later we had become friends with them and they had a baby girl. The cutest baby girl on the planet, Katie. My sister and I would both babysit for Katie and eventually Karly her little sister. In 2006 I quit my job and became Karly's nanny. They decided to leave Katie in school for the social interaction but I watched Karly everyday. I fell in love with that little girl and Katie more and more each day. A year later they announced that they were moving to California for what started out as a year - 18 months and has progressed to more than 2 years. For the second time I said goodbye to the family in the house behind us. I decided not to join my family and neighbors outside to say goodbye and watch them drive away as I had done enough crying and I would fly out to be with them in a few weeks and I would say my goodbyes then in an airport terminal. I have remained in contact with them ever sicne they left. Sue and I talk weekly on the phone and exchange pictures and emails regularly. They have graciously allowed me to fly out and visit several times and that has been fun. I have always been afraid that the girls will forget me. My last trip out I said goodbye to them with tears in my eyes as I told Katie that I loved her and I would see her soon, knowing that soon wasn't for a long time as that would be my last trip out to California and they wouldn't be home until April of 2009. I cried all the way until I boarded the plane and even more once I got home. I was scared that they would forget about me.

This morning I received a phone call from Sue. Katies preschool teacher had given her a packet of all the projects that she made throughout the year at school. She told me that one of the pages said, I thank God for.... and Katie had filled it in with "My babysitter Ms. Katy". Instantly tears came to my eyes. She hasn't forgetten me and she still loves me. It gave me a peace for this whole transition thing.

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CBuss said...

That's so sweet. Now I'm the one crying. I know it's so stinking hard to leave those kiddos behind. I remember when I moved to Lafayette permanantly it just about tore my heart out to leave my kiddos from Sunday school and the ones I babysat frequently. I still miss them so much, but the fun thing is that there are children at Elmwood and Lafayette that need your love too! :)