March 14, 2013

A Sock Monkey Birthday

As promised, here are the pictures from Joel's sock monkey themed first birthday party. 

The birthday boy with his parents. I found his monkey 1st birthday shirt at Gymboree and it worked great with our theme.

My sister, Krysten, helped me plan and create almost everything you see here. She is an excellent party planner and this party would not have been nearly as awesome if it was just me planning. 
This chalkboard sign displayed facts about out little monkey. It was a cute way to share some of his favorite things with our guests.

Guests were asked to leave a note for Joel in his memory box. 

This adorable pendant banner made by Krysten hung between the kitchen and living room.

 Drink station! We had punch, iced water, creme soda and root beer.

The Spred! Popcorn, Bananas, Neapolitan cupcakes, pretzel rods, 
licorice, fruit kabobs and tootsie rolls. YUM!

We were surprised but Joel genuinely enjoyed opening each of his presents. We were so blessed with several fun items for Joel to play with and wear. 

We sang happy birthday and let Joel "blow" out his candle. He opted for blueberries as his birthday treat after trying not enjoying his birthday cupcake or frosting.

 However, he did LOVE the birthday balloons and spent most of the time in his chair playing with them. Who knew fun could be so cheap! $3 for those balloons!

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