February 18, 2013

Happy 1st birthday little monkey!

It is hard for me to believe that today is our little monkeys first birthday! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! We have been celebrating Joel's birthday for a few weeks now with various friends and family members. This has helped me to cope with the fact that I no longer have a baby boy but a sweet growing almost toddler! I am also SO glad that he is not yet walking as that would be too many milestones at once for this mamma to handle.

At Joel's doctors appointment today we learned that he is still itty bitty, weighing just shy of 20 pounds and in the 10th percentile for height. Yes we are TERRIBLE parents who take their kid to get shots and a finger prick on his first birthday. It was awful and I shed a few tears during the lead test because he was screaming SO much while the nurse used a toothpick sized tube to collect blood out of the pour little guys finger. AWFUL.We made up for it by taking Joel to the bookstore for the first time. It will be our tradition to visit the bookstore with our birthday boy and buy him a book of his choosing. He was so excited to choose a book and ended up with a board book size of "Another Monster At the End of This Book". He loves the first book and was very happy to find Grover and Elmo in this version!

For Joel's party we made a chalkboard that highlights all of his current likes and dislikes.
He still LOVES to read. We spend lots of time in his room pulling every book off his bookshelf and flipping through the pages. We read before naps and bedtime. He is gathering quite the collection of books but he has several favorites: Tails, Heads, The Monster at the End of this Book and Where is Spot?. He also LOVES eating and drinking out of his sippy cup. His favorite foods are hummus, bananas and sweet potatoes. He loves singing, knocking over block towers, climbing the stairs, looking out the window, playing peek-a-boo and building blanket forts with his daddy.

We are so blessed that both Phil and I get to spend so much time at home with our little guy! We are loving creating memories together as a family of three! Thanks for stopping by and wishing out little monkey a HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!

This week I will be highlighting Joel's birthday party as well as Joel's favorite things from the first year of his life!

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