May 15, 2012

Tulip Time 2012

This past weekend we took Joel up to Phil's hometown, Holland, Michigan. Since have so many weddings to attend this summer we have decided we will just do little tourist things when we take trips home to visit family rather than taking a summer vacation.

This weekend was perfect for just that. Since it was our first real car trip since Joel was born I was nervous about it. We decided to plan two short stops on the way up to be sure Joel got ample stretching and eating time. We stopped at Babies R Us, then headed the rest of the way to Michigan before making our second stop at Redamak's in New Buffalo.

Joel learned that he can look out the side window of the car and watch the world go by. It was fun to watch his eyes get bigger as he took it all in.

Once in Holland we joined the tourist downtown for Tulip Time, also known this year as Stem Fest, since the Tulips have already bloomed and died.

On Saturday Phil's mom threw us a lovely Meet Joel Shower with some of his Aunts and Cousins. He now has enough clothes to cloth him until he is 4! We are continually blessed by the love and support that is being poured out for our family!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend

 Joel and his dutch hat we bought him in front of a few remaining tulips on Tulip Lane
 Four Generations - Flynn Family
 Four Generations - Hall Family

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