March 6, 2012

Picture Project

Inspired by John, Sherry and Clara, of, Phil and I have started a weekly picture project of little Joel. I am not nearly as talented with photoshop or my camera as they are but with some help from their online tutorial I was able to get through the first two weeks!

We hope to continue this for all 52 weeks of little Joel's first year but we may switch to months after he is one month old. Here are his first two weeks. I wasn't able to get the pictures the same size so the scale is a little off.


Vee said...

So sweet. He's just beautiful. And I love young house love and the idea you borrowed. You'll be glad you did it :)

boyd2 said...

Ooh! He's yummy!

We did something similar with Knox and Kinley each month. We took Kinley's picture in the same spot on the same blanket for 12 months. But I was too close to her the first time so by 11 months the perspective is different. Oh well.

And with Knox, we were in Italy by month 5, so the same spot thing went out the window.

Katy Travis said...

Thanks Veronica! He is looking forward to meeting you and your gang when we are in town for streaming in June!