October 7, 2011

The Nursery :: A work in progress

Even before we knew we were pregnant we had been brainstorming ideas for the future nursery. We have the perfect sized room right at the top of our stairs with a closet, wood floor, and one small window. We also knew we wanted the room to be gender neutral so that we don't have to change it after the first baby if they happen to be different genders. I spent lots of time on my newest addiction, Pinterest, and found TONS of ideas. I fell in love with the bright and happy colors in both of the rooms below and we decided to use them as our inspiration rooms.

Absolutely LOVE the color of the walls, the rug
and the fun toy boxes in bright colors!

Love the funky curtains and the shelves on the wall with the
giant wall hanging of Phil's favorite Bible verse.

Once we had our inspiration it was time to find fabric. I wanted to make a curtain to hang in place of the door where the closet it so that we have more room in the nursery and easier access to the closet. I also wanted fabric for the bottom of the crib and a curtain. Mom, Grandma and I went to Hobby Lobby and JoAnns and found this fabric!

We also found the fabric that mom used to recover this lampshade and some striped fabric that will be used to make a crib skirt.

The fun is really in the details....

Like this bookshelf that mom garbage picked for me:
and the white and yellow lace doilie that my great grandma made:
and this giant picture that I plan to make to hang over the crib. I may scale it back to a smaller version because the room is already feeling a bit cramped.

and this cute idea on the sheets that I am going to have my sister do for me. Obviously with our babies name and not Finn.

and these are a direct idea from pinterest....and they were SUPER easy to make. I think they will really help with organizing the clothes by size in the closet.

and the Hoosier Cabinet, turned changing table :)

So far we love the nursery. We just need some artwork, curtains and a crib and we will be set. Daddy even enjoys rocking in the glider while playing games on his cell phone.

I am sure there will be more changes and updates as we add more things to the nursery but I thought this would give you all and idea of what we are working with!

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Amy said...

I love the colors you chose! Supercute and fun! The curtains are going to be awesome!