May 5, 2011

Easter with the family

We have started our first real tradition as the Travis' of Indiana. Every year since we have lived here my family has come down to visit for Easter. Usually the trip involves golf, good food, some shopping and lots of fun. 2011 was no different. Some of our plans were foiled and golf had to be rescheduled due to the great monsoon of 2011 that we experienced here in central Indiana.

We visited the flour mill bakery for some popcorn and other baking supplies during one of the crazy rain storms and then made Easter dinner a few days early. We cooked a ham, cheesy potatoes, green beans, corn, and had trifle for dessert.

The boys eventually got their golfing in early Saturday morning while I drug Krysten to the gym for my workout class. Afterward we picked up mom for some Goodwill shopping and then drove down to Turkey Run State Park for a picnic and a hike around the park!
Little did we know that the park was actually flooded! All the rain we have had has made the trail into a river. We were able to navigate our way around most of the water and we ended up having a really great time. We can all add to and check off "climb down a waterfall" on our bucket lists! Here is our day at the park in pictures:

Krysten and I in the bear cave at the beginning of our hike
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Mom and I took the high road.

The first set of ladders.

Here we go...down the first waterfall.

...and the second waterfall....

After the park we took a drive around to see some covered bridges and then headed for
dinner at the Beefhouse in Covington, Indiana.

Sunday we went to church, had an egg hunt and enjoyed leftover ham sandwiches before saying goodbye to our family. Hope you enjoyed this post about our new Easter tradition!

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