March 31, 2011

CSC Gourmet Cupcakes.....

Phil and I have both been having a great time experimenting in the kitchen with somewhat "gourmet" recipes. Mostly that just means making things from scratch. We have ecspecially loved baking from scratch recipes. Since the first of the year, Phil has been perfecting his baking creations by making the CSC birthday desserts from scratch. This week's creation was a new recipe for chocolate cupcakes and raspberry cheesecake butter-cream frosting.

They were absolutely delicious. While ours do not look as fancy as the piped icing cupcakes on the website that we got the recipe from I am sure they tasted just as good. The icing is fabulous. I love the fresh raspberry taste mixed with the rich chocolate. I would encourage you to head over to this site and try these out for yourself!

We made a few changes. We made our own buttermilk using lemon juice and whole milk. We also just used vanilla instead of the seeds of vanilla beans.

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