October 12, 2010

A date at Turkey Run State Park

This week both Philip and I had Monday off of work. My day off was due to Columbus day and Philip is going to be working Tuesday - Sunday so he decided to take Monday off so we could do something fun. However this week my idea of fun and his didn't quite match up so we compromised and had a fabulous day. We slept in until 9am (Phil's request), packed a picnic lunch and headed out on the open road toward Turkey Run State Park.

We had heard fabulous things about this park and we were wanting to experience some of the beautiful changing leaves. The drive wasn't long at all and in about 1 hour we found ourselves turning off the main road and heading down a winding street in search of a few covered bridges!

Our first bridge sighting :)

We finally arrived at the park and got in for a dollar less than the real price. I looked up the price online and left the house with exactly $4 cash but when we arrived the lady told us that they raised their prices in June to $5. She let us in for $4 after we explained that it was all the cash we had. So nice.

After a quick pit stop we set out in search of trail #3. Reagan and Joe had warned us it was rugged and boy were they right. We climbed up rocks, through creeks and down ladders into valleys! It was so fun! Here are some pictures of our day!

After we hiked we enjoyed our picnic lunch (with a few bumblebee interuptions) and mapped out our next adventure, find more bridges. This was the compromise of the trip. I had wanted to go to the covered bridge festival and Phil had not so we compromised. A trip to Turkey Run and then we would find a few bridges to drive by/through. We found a map and decided to take a half hour drive through the country to see 6 bridges! It was fun, relaxing and beautiful.

The fall colors are great this time of year! Everyone should take some time to enjoy them!

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