September 20, 2010

Mission Work

I don't often use this blog to talk about religion, God or our ministry but this weekend I was really convicted after listening to our dear friends Josh and Gina give their mission report from Malaysia this Sunday.

I am going to start writing more about the wonderful journey we are on here in Indiana bringing the "good news" to the students of Purdue University. So here it goes......

I have struggled for many years being at peace with my spiritual calling. I pray for and long for a greater sense of purpose in my walk with Christ and ultimately in my life. I have many friends from college and growing up who have ventured out in to this world to bring the good news of Jesus to those who don't know of his love or experience it on a daily basis. I long to travel to the remote villages of Africa or South America or love on the thousands of orphans in India and Russia but that is not where I have been called to go and I think I am finally at peace with that.

At our church we have what we call our Mission Wall. On this wall flags hang from foreign countries where we have sent or supported missionaries. Right up next to France, China, Thailand and Malaysia hangs the flag of Purdue University. How awesome to see our mission field right along side those foreign mission fields.

I need reminders like this often that everyone has a different calling in their life and that it is okay that I am not traveling across the world to bring the good news. Instead my heart is with the mission field here in our own backyard in good old West Lafayette, Indiana on the campus of Purdue University.

Stay tuned for more on how our ministry here came to be.....

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Lanita Bradley Boyd said...

Katy, I love the frankness of your post. You have such a terrific mission right there where you are and you and Phil are doing a wonderful job. I love the image of the Purdue flag right up there with the international ones. I know you are planting and watering seeds all over the place there!