September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have been terrible about posting. A work trip to Denver and a quick trip to Michigan for the day has put me a bit behind on my work and home to-do list. My family is on there way here as I type this....because today is my BIRTHDAY!

Yesterday I was feeling less than excited for my birthday and the weekend but now I am feeling so loved and blessed. I sent some prayers up yesterday (along with the help of my friend Danae) and I am reaping the benefits today! Over 50 friends have wished me a happy birthday on FACEBOOKs. Birthdays weren't nearly as exciting before FACEBOOK. It may seem a bit impersonal but it is so fun to wake up and read so many posts from friends and loved ones all across America wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I woke up to a beautiful card from my loving husband and a very fun birthday gift on my front porch from my friend and "sister", Kelsey!

Tonight I will celebrate with a birthday dinner at Khana Kazana with Phil, my mom, my grandma and Becky! I am pretty excited about some yummy Indian food with some of my favorite people!

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danae said...

i am soooo glad the prayers were answered!