July 13, 2010

Family Visit

Last week I had the pleasure of taking the entire week off work and spending it with Phil, my mom and my grandma and grandpa Flynn. It was GLORIOUS! Each morning we woke up and enjoyed coffee and breakfast together out on the deck. We spent our days doing projects, sight seeing and just enjoying each others company.

Monday we were able to get our deck stained. It looks fabulous with the newly spray painted green chairs.

Tuesday we went antiquing and scored a fabulous Hoosier cabinet for the future baby nursery. No I am not pregnant but I can be prepared just in case. We will use it as a changing table. I really love it. It is red and white which is really fun!

Wednesday we went blueberry picking in the morning and then spent the afternoon baking a pie and muffins.

Then my mom and grandma made my curtains for my living room. The colors really brighten the place up and make it more homey.

We also painted our shutters! I love how different this makes our house look!

Thursday Mom and I challenged Phil and Grandpa to a boys vs. girls golf match! It was fun. Mostly because mom and I won!

Friday it was time to say goodbye. I really enjoyed having my family here and was sad to see them leave. I appreciate all the work they helped us do

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