July 1, 2010

90-Day Boot Camp Challenge

Beth at over at IN Good Cents and Clair from Mummy Deals are hosting a Budget Boot Camp Challenge. They have chosen 6 women from the blogging world to take their tips for cutting back their budgets and providing for your family and apply them to their own lives. I am not one of the challengers chosen but I thought I would play along and give myself the challenge as well.

Phil and I stick to a pretty good budget but lately we have been eating out too much, not sticking to our meal plan and not adding enough to our savings account. We need a little kick in the rear and boot camp is just the place to get that.

This weeks Challenge is meal planning. The first part of meal planning is simple....it is just planning, and purchasing the necessary items needed. The second part is the challenge and that is sticking to it. This week on Monday, I blogged my menu plan. For the most part we have stuck with it. The only item I needed to buy for this plan was bacon. The rest of the things I already had. On Wednesday we ended up going out to Qdoba where we spent $17 because I was too lazy to make Chicken Ceasar Salad and deliver it to Phil's work. So we failed there but we will stick with it the rest of this week and even add to it with Sunday's meal of Brats and Dogs on the Grill with my family!

Menu planning or meal planning whatever you prefer to call it is a simple way to keep your costs down, avoid impulse buys, stay sain and organized during the busy work week and plan healthy nutritious meals that your families likes. Try it out for a week.

You can find tips for making a meal plan from Beth by clicking here.

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