June 29, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things :: Cleaning Supplies

This "series" was originally going to be called "Can't Live Without" but that just left a bad taste in my mouth. Because really if push came to shove I could live without most everything in my house. I would be forced to reevaluate, do some extra planning and adjust my lifestyle but I could live without a lot. So I retitled this series : "A few of my favorite things". Each week I will bring you a few of the staples in my household.

Cleaning is a hobby for me. I love to clean. I inherited this "trait" from my grandmother on my mom's side of the family, Ellen Jane. I clean a little part of my house each day. I always make sure things are tidied up. I have 2 places in my house that are for "junk", The right drawer on the island in the kitchen and the Left half of our Laundry room. Once we stop storing furniture for friends we can hopefully get that room more organized with more shelves. But that is another project for another day and another blog post.

When we moved Phil, my husband, into our house 2 years ago this week my entire family came down to help us clean. We scrubbed the carpet, cleaned the walls, scrubbed the toilets with toothbrushes, cleaned the grout in the kitchen, etc. My grandma and mom purchased and brought with them a lot of the products that they use and I have pretty much stuck with them.

1. Dusting Cloths made out of Old T-shirts: Phil recently went through his drawers for a "spring clean" which means I know have a plethora of dusting cloths. This is good because I like to dust mop daily and I do not like to do laundry daily!
2. Lemi Shine: My friend Courtney Buss introduced me to this product after I was complaining about having foggy glasses. We have well water and a softener which brings about new issues with cleaning dishes that I never experienced in my city life upbringing. At church on the Wednesday after Courtney told me about this product there was a bottle sitting on the table that said "Free Take Me". I was pretty pumped about getting that first bottle free because Lemi Shine is not a cheap household product!
3. A Stack of White Cloths for Cleaning up Spills/Messes in the Kitchen:As part of our effort to "go green" we have stopped buying paper towel. We are going on almost 2 months with no paper towel. Instead I purchased a small wire basket from the Dollar store and we keep clean white dishclothes next to the sink. That way they are easily accessible when we have a spill. There is a tub under the sink for when they get dirty and at the end of the week I collect those and my dusting clothes for the wash.
4. Bar Keepers Friend:A must have for stainless steal sinks and glass top stoves!
5. Spic N Span This is my go to floor cleaner. I wash my floors on my hands and knees once a month, sometimes twice and I just love this soap. Alot goes a long way making it relatively cheap for cleaning supplies plus I LOVE the smell!

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