February 8, 2010

I have been awful at updating this thing over the past week! I have really been trying to be more lax about my schedule and my to-do lists. I was really convicted at last weeks Wednesday night class at church. We are reading through the book, "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. Last weeks chapter profiled the "Lukewarm" people. Chan listed and described several lukewarm attributes. These profiles were of partially committed to the call of Christ people's lives look like according to Chan. We were asked to take an honest look at our lives and reflect on if any of these described us and our walk. There were several that hit me hard and one was about schedules, and to do lists and focusing on all that is to be done in my life and less on what life will be like in heaven and what I am called to do here on earth to get me there. It just really stuck with me, especially on Monday morning when I showed up for an appointment that was canceled but no one felt the need to tell me and I felt like my whole week was thrown off because of that moment.

I really have a hard time dealing with things like this. I like my schedules and checking off the little boxes I put next to my to do lists. I am constantly writing in my planner and my calender things I need to be doing. I make a menu plan every week and I check off the meals we eat throughout. I have a list inside my pantry of all the items in there and my freezer. I like to call it organized, some call it anal or OCD but God calls it the wrong things as priorities.

One thing lately that I really need to work on is taking more time to focus on the things that are important in life. My relationships with others and God. Myself - something that has been sorely neglected over the past week and it is starting to show!

So it is okay that I have a HUGE whole in the wall between my kitchen and living room and it is going to stay that way for another week until we have time to tackle it and finish the project. It is okay that my whole menu plan is thrown off because we forgot the crockpot pan at the CSC and therefore had to put the roast in the freezer for another time. It is okay that there are a few dishes in my sink and mail on the counter to be opened!

I am putting it all at bay and enjoying this week to the fullest! Going to 2 bible studies, enjoying a night of coupon cutting, venting and Bachelor watching with a friend, attending church, hosting a Mocktail party at the CSC and babysitting a 2 year old over night so a friend can enjoy an evening with her husband. I am sure other things will be thrown in and that will be okay. I will come out on top because I have an awesome God who is watching out for me in every step I take!

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