December 5, 2008

A few minor Urks!

Urk is a funny word. I looked it up online and the only place I could find it was the “urban dictionary” Ha. Who knew they had one of those! Here is one of the definitions it gave me:

Urk - the sound one makes when surprised while drinking a large cup of coffee- and as a result, having the coffee go up one's nose.

That is not the Urk I am referring to in today’s post. I don’t get coffee up my nose when I drink it and if I did I don’t think I would be able to make a noise. The urk I am referring to is this:

Urk - to piss someone off.

To put it in a nicer way it is something that bugs me or irritates me. Here are some things that have irritated me today……

- People assuming that I purposefully turned the lights off in my office/common area. Since Tuesday we have been experiencing electrical shortages in our building because of the construction on the floor above us. This has resulted in me working for most of the day without light. It will come on occasionally for an hour and then go off again. Several people have approached my desk and asked me why I have the lights off, or said my its dark here. Today someone even came up to me at lunch while I was reading near the window and said, “Do you mind if I turn at least some of these lights on.” Really… I wouldn’t mind, I’d actually love it. WHY would I spend the day working in the dark. The only way I can read things at my desk is to turn them towards my computer screen that now has a plain white background in order to make it brighter. It urks me!

- The fact that Purdue has 1 ply toilet paper in their bathrooms! That just shouldn’t happen! URK!

- This last one is really an annoyance! It is to me common courtesy to wait approximately 4 feet at least and off to the side of an open elevator but apparently others do not feel the need to follow this rule. We have three elevators in our office and at any given moment people are riding up and down. I have on numerous occasions almost collided with someone as the door opens on my floor or the main floor. I am trying to just leave the elevator but I cannot because you see the person trying to enter the elevator is much much more important than I am and obviously late to wherever they are going because they are in such a hurry they must squeeze past me to get in all while I am trying to get out! So, chances are if there is an elevator coming to get you it has someone on it… wait the 3 seconds it takes for the doors to open, peer in and if there is no one coming off then you may get on.

So that is that folks I have some Urks! Anyone else?

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Kari said...

I always thought it was spelled "irk." Who knows!

I am irked (or urked) by one-ply toilet paper, also. Infact, I wrote a blog entry about it once.
I am also irked by old shoes that people pretend are still quality by putting polish over the worn parts.
I am irked by people who can't judge capacity very well, and therefore store their leftovers in a container 6 times larger than necessary.
Along with the last one, I am irked by people who use pots or bowls that are WAY too large for the item being prepared. And also not efficiently loading dishwashers.
Oh man, and I'm so irked when people have long toenails--specifically ones that have obviously been pedicured. I mean, really? Clippers? It's your job, pedicureist!

Oh yeah. And I miss you!