November 5, 2008

It finally feels like Fall

While the weather is far from "fall-like" I actually feel like it is fall!

This past weekend Phil and I went up to my parents house in Michigan. I was so excited to go home! The drive took forever with lots of traffic and I just was anxious but we finally made it! Here we are on my parents porch celebrating our very first date 4 years ago. I made him dress up like a scarecrow and he hated it but apparently liked me enough to ask me out 9 days later :)

Friday night we spent time with neighbors and friends who came to visit us at my parents Halloween party. We sat around the fire, ate yummy chili, passed out candy to the kiddos and even paid a visit to the Berkley Boneyard (a house that goes all out - I was excited to see everyone and hang out with my sister before she went to Boston for the rest of the weekend. Even Anndrea and Claire came over!

Saturday we woke up and had coffee with the neighbors. Then headed to the Methodist church for a pancake breakfast. It was yummy and Dane was adorable walking around with a Jamie Wittenberg for Judge sign yelling his name! OY! We were also able to visit the McGrane girls and spend time with them working on their Star Wars Lego ships which Phil enjoyed! We tried to take some pictures but with 5 girls it was hard to get us all looking in the same direction! Next time! We were able to meet my parents for lunch at PF Changs where I ate way to much! Lettuce Wraps and Fried Rice! YUM!
Afterwards we worked off the calories in the best mall ever! Somerset. Mom and I got fun metal water bottles at Pottery Barn while the boys drooled over surround sound systems at the Sony store! I tried to get a few sweaters for winter from Old Navy but it seems no matter how much weight I lose I cannot seem to fit into their clothes! Something is wrong there!

Saturday evening was spent eating Buddys Pizza, another favorite and playing in the leaves! It was fabulous. We watched some Winnie the Pooh with the kids, gave camel rides and Grace even tried on my old Minnie Mouse costume! It was nice to be home with kids that love you unconditionally, I just hope we didn't catch their colds!
Here we are playing "camel ride" - oh boy was that fun...

Sunday we finished up our visit with a trip to Caribou for the best Turtle Mocha ever! Then drove up to our old church, Lake Orion Church of Christ. Melaina was happy to see us and it was hard to not be distracted from Garth's message to play with her Old Testament sticker book. She really is the smartest/cutest 2 year old around! It was nice to be back at LO and see the familiar faces! Chad and Joy joined the Magnussons for lunch with us at Ruby Tuesdays (another favorite that is now closed in Lafayette).

Overall it was a busy but fun trip. I am excited to do it again at Thanksgiving. That time we will actually be able to hit both sides of the state. My grandparents will be in town as will Phils brother and his wife!

This is what we returned to....

Homeownership brings lots of work!

Phil was a huge help in finishing raking while I made dinner. It didn't actually take us that long to get our yard leave free, that is until there is a storm and more fall or blow in to our yard from our neighbors unraked yard!

We tried something new after dinner. We decided to make our own homemade soft pretzels. It was fun kneading the dough and twisting them up into pretzel shape. They smelled and tasted delicious!

And here we are relaxing after all our hardwork! That is a lot of leaves... and it is just one half of our yard plus we didn't do the back yet!


kels said...

1) I'm glad you guys had fun in MI!
2) Do you happen to have a picture of Phil in said scarecrow costume? I would be happy to take it off your hands and show it to everyone I know {and even those, I do not know.}
3) What on earth... did you eat a whole thing of cabbage??? That doesn't sound too appealing to me.
4) I might need the recipe for those pretzels... they look AMAZING!!!

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

What a fun post!! I went home for Halloween too :-)

I LOOOOOOVE PF Changs and homemade pretzels sound wonderful. Will have to try that someday :-)