November 19, 2008

Christmas Look and Prayers

My husband refuses to let me decorate for Christmas and I suppose I would feel a little bad leaving Thanksgiving out but I couldn’t resist when I saw these new festive backgrounds! I am not sure that I am 100% in love with my header so that may be changing!

I think I would enjoy decorating for Thanksgiving more if I was having people over to see the decorations. Since we never will actually spend Thanksgiving at my house we always go to the grandparents. I love the colors of Thanksgiving and I have a few “fall” decorations in my kitchen so I suppose it hasn’t been totally slighted in the Travis household. Thanksgiving is really all about the food though right and who needs decorations to enjoy a yummy meal!

In other news I have a few prayer requests for all my faithful readers to keep on their minds this week. The first is a plug for prayers for myself. On December 19th my temporary position at Purdue will end and I will join the unemployed. Please prayer for guidance during this time, patience and hopefully a job prospect from the 30 or so positions I have applied for. The second two are a little more needed at this time. My friend Sandy could use some serious prayers for herself and her family. She has been struggling with illness for the past 2 and a half years and just recently she was readmitted to Vanderbilt University Hospital. She has 2 young kids a home and a husband in the military. They could really use your prayers for a quick recovery at this time! The final request is for the economy in general and more specifically the Auto industry in Detroit and all the areas and companies that this situation will affect. Many people see this Auto industry thing as not really that big but if you stop and think about it, this really affects more than just those in the industry itself. Several CEO’s and the head of the UAW are meeting with Congress again today in Washington to plead their case. I pray for guidance and strength for the leaders in this effort, wisdom and openness for those who will hear their plea and strength, guidance and patience for those waiting to hear if their jobs are going to be there tomorrow or not.

I know that God is a powerful God and he has a plan for us all!

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