October 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

The blogs that I have been most interested in lately have to do with being frugal and cooking. I long to be a stay a home mom and know that the only way it will be possible is if we save save save! I will have to stretch our money and food supply as best I can and so I have begun the research early!

I despise the grocery stores here in Indiana. I miss Westborn, Hollywood, Hillers and Meijer back home. I have to drive 25 minutes here just to get to Meijer. I used to love grocery shopping but now I am beginning to dislike it! Because of this I have started meal planning for Phil and I. I plan out meals for 2 weeks at a time and shop once! I make sure that the pantry is stocked with our favorites: Soup, Salad, Mac and Cheese and Nacho supplies!

Each Monday moms across the country share their meal plans for the week and swap recipes. So here is my meal plan :) They usually share all meals but since Phil and I rarely eat breakfast I don't cook that unless its for dinner. We usually take leftovers, or some of the staple items for lunch!

: Cherry Chicken, Baked Potatoes (make enough for lunch tomorrow also), and Corn

Chicken Stir Fry and Brown Rice from the freezer

Eat out on Campus

Thursday: Use up anything left in the fridge that needs be used. Possibly Leftover Chicken, Mac and Cheese or Cereal/Oatmeal

Dinner at my moms in Michigan

Saturday: Dinner in Ann Arbor for UofM vs. Purdue Game with my parents!

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Sherry said...

Go Blue! (I live in a suburb of Detroit)

Menu looks great! Have a wonderful week and a safe trip!