August 3, 2008

Control Freak

As I am typing this I am having a control issues. I have started the first day of my 2nd attempt at using Crest Whitestrips. The first time I gave up after day one but those were back when you had to leave the strips on for 30 whole minutes. Technology has helped me out by making it only 5 minutes that I need to keep these on my teeth. I think it really is a control thing. All in my head. The minute I have to keep something in my mouth I feel like I can't breathe. Even though I clearly can.

The floride trays, that now that I am 18 I no longer get (thank goodness)used to have the same affect on me. I would nearly hypervenalate when they would ask me what flavor I wanted bc I knew that for a whole 60 seconds I wouldn't be able to breathe!

When I was in the 7th grade I had to get braces. Most people wouold think that was a terrible time but I was excited. My best friend had braces and so I wanted them to. Something was so cool about getting different colored rubber bands on your braces to match the season or your favorite sports team that week. I liked my orthodontist until the day they went to make the mold of my teeth. In order to do the mold they have to get your mouth dry. In order to get your mouth dry someone came up with a genius idea to stuff and whole bunch of cotton swabs inside. EW! This is the worst feeling in the entire world. You can't swallow, there is cotton in your mouth, and you can't breathe. And of course the dental hygenist is ALWAYS trying to talk to you.

Anyways. I have made it through day one of the Whitestrip usage. I am determined to do this daily until my wedding in hopes of not having visibly yellow teeth in my wedding pictures.

In other wedding news... things are crazy with only 26 days left until the day! It is fun though :)


Mindy said...

FYI- the dental hygenist only talks to you because they are trying to distract you :) They don't really expect replies back :)

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

Oh my goodness, I wanted to use those so bad for our wedding and I just couldn't take it. One application and I wanted to rip them out of my mouth.

STICK WITH IT! [I have yellow teeth in my pictures and it makes me so sad. All that Starbucks as an RC employee. We took way too many coffee breaks in Admissions.]

kels said...

ick... I DESPISE the cotton swabs in my mouth! I can't stand it!! It makes me gag just thinking about it... yuck.

yesssss, I am still up for housesitting!! :)