January 30, 2008


There is just something so special about being a flower girl. I remember when my Cousin Greg called me to ask me to be in his wedding, I was so nervous and so excited all at the same time. I think I was 6 at the time. I remember that my mom told me I was going to get to wear a pretty white dress and walk down the aisle at church before my cousins fiance Kelly. The dress part was really exciting. I didn't at the time listen to the part about the responsibilities I would have or what an honor it was. I just wanted to get my nails done and wear a pretty dress.

The day of the weddin my mom did my hair and nails and I even got to wear blush. We went to the church and changed into my dress. I remember that they dressed my sister in white as well the day of in case I didn't walk down the aisle, but I did. I was proud. I loved the white dress and the attention. I loved riding in the limo and getting told I was adorable. I wasn't really a fan of dancing with a boy I had never met before but all in all I had a great experience.

At first I didn't think I would have a flowergirl in my wedding because I have a lot of little girls that I am close to. I have been babysitting since I was 10 and each of the girls I sit for and nanny are like sisters to me. I thought of asking Alexis and Ashley as they are like my best friends more then kids I babysat but they are a bit too old (7th and 4th grade). After thinking about it though I really wanted a flowergirl. It became really important to me.

I decided to ask my next door neighbor and a little girl I have babysat for since she was born. Her name is Gracie and she is the cuest little thing ever! This past weekend when Phil was in town we went over with flowers and a card and I asked her to be in my wedding. I almost cried, Jodi (her mom almost cried) and it was just really special and really sweet. I don't think she quite gets it yet but she did tell her dad that night on the phone that she is going to be a flowergirl.

Here are a few pictures of my little Gracie!


Bonnie said...

Hey how about some ring bearer time here! After all the kid loves you.

Katy Ann said...

haha, I was trying to get Phil to do it, break up the educational bible crap on his blog. I'll do some Conner time later :)

Jennifer Anne said...

That's so cute. I have such fond memories of being a flower girl too that reading your account made me smile. Also, she is adorable! :)